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Darkest Part of Me

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There are few people who can read body language the way that Cassandra could and she knew that her little brother was hurting. That was why Tim had distanced himself from the others. He carried deep scars over the fact that two of the three who bore his soul marks one had tried to kill him and the other had turned his back on him when he needed him the most.

Out of everybody in their family, Cassandra was the only one Tim had trusted to show his soul marks to.

She had met the third, she was one of the few who Tim trusted the name of his third soulmate to. The others were Connor, Cassie and Bart. It always made Cass happy that her brother had people he could truly trust and that love and cared for him.

So when Tim disappeared Cass was worried, she knew that Tim would disappear time from time when he had to go undercover for a mission but he still made sure that she and his friends knew he would be gone. Plus they had a lunch date and there was no way that Tim would forget that, he would have contacted her if he had something that couldn't wait but he didn't.

So she went to the manor, she knew that Tim had stopped considering it home but Cass held out hope that someone from their family might know where he is.

Dick's face lit up at the sight of Cassandra in the manor, "Cass!" Wasting no time he jumped down from the second floor and landing gracefully he gathered his sister up in a hug.

Cass sank into Dick's hugs while Tim will always be her favourite brother and filled her with warmth when he hugged her there was no denying that Dick gave the best hugs out of all of them. "I miss you, big brother."

Pulling back Dick beamed at his sister, "I missed you too and not that I am not happy to see you but what is with the surprise visit?"

Tilting her head Cass studied her brother, "Not surprise Tim knew I was coming. Tim not meet me. He here?"

A pang of something flashed in Dick's eyes and Cass knew that the bond between Dick and Tim hadn't been the same since Damian came and Tim seemed to be cast aside for the youngest of the Wayne children. Things only got more strained when Dick refused to believe Tim that Bruce was alive and Tim went out on his own, Cass was the only one who truly knows what happened to Tim on his journey to save Bruce.

"Sorry, Cass I haven't seen him." Dick couldn't remember the last time that he had spoken to Tim outside of their masked selves.

"Don't ask me about the pretender I haven't talked to him for a while," Jason added as he came out of the kitchen where he had been helping out Alfred, slowly he had found his way back into the family.

Bruce and Damian joined them drawn by Dick's announcement that Cassandra was here.

Letting out a scoff Damian crossed his arms over his chest, "It is just typical Drake, he does it all the time. Of course, no one would mind if he stayed gone for good this time."

A long suffering, "Damian," came from Dick but that was all.

Cass felt rage on behalf of Tim, this wasn't the first time that Damian had said such insults towards her little brother and she was tired of it, especially when no one else seemed to speak up and tell Damian enough was enough.

"Little brother love. Stop abusing him." Cass growled out.

Everyone stared at Cassandra they saw the anger and protectiveness in her eyes.

Wanting to calm everyone down Dick raised his hands, "Cass, Damian didn't mean it and Tim is an adult he has learned to live with Damian's comments after all he is still a child and is still learning."

Cass's dark eyes narrowed, "Tim still bothered. Words hurt leave deep scars. I raised like Damian, I learn why can't he? Why defend him and hurt Tim? Do you not love Tim?"

Dick found that he couldn't answer Cass he knows that things had been strained between him and Tim for a while and he never wanted it to seem like he didn't love Tim, he did deeply. "Damian is still learning and he has changed quite a bit."

"No. He not treat us the way he treats Tim. It stops." Cass would no longer let them hide behind that excuse as she turned her gaze onto Damian, "Hurt Tim you still do, until learn you not my brother."

Damian could only stare at Cassandra no one had dared to call him out on his treatment of Drake but her. "Why do you defend him? The rest as has Drake realized that he has no place in this family and that he is not wanted or needed. We are better off without him."

No one said anything all of them were used to Damian's comments about Tim and as the silence grew Cassandra found herself growing angrier,  "I find Tim without you. Get other to help. One who cares about Tim," twirling on her heel Cassandra left the manor with a slamming of the door.

Moments passed as the others stared at the closed door before Jason let out a low whistle, "Wow I do not want to be you brat or you Dickie you managed to piss off one of the deadliest person alive. I can't say it was nice knowing the two of you." Shaking his head Jason walked off.

Looking at his youngest son Bruce knows that Damian and Tim had their issues but he had thought they had learned to get along but hearing Damian's remarks and seeing how Cassandra responded to them he realized he had missed something big, crossing his arms over his chest Bruce stared at Dick and Damian. "I think it is time that you both told me what happened while I was lost. The whole story this time, not the vague version you gave me when I returned."   

There was no missing the Batman growl in Bruce's voice letting out a sigh Dick ran his hand through his hair he had known this was coming but how could he explain that his actions caused Tim to go off on his own with no aid from anyone because they followed Dick's lead and turned their back on a teen grieving for all those he had lost.


Tam Fox wasn't at all surprised when Cassandra Cain- Wayne was waiting for her in Tim's office. "I take it you have had no luck in finding Tim?"

Shaking her head Cass responded, "Not at home or nest or manor."

Tam like Cassandra knew that Tim considered San Francisco with his home, not Gotham. "I don't like this. Tim would have told us if he was going undercover." Tim had promised that he would let Tam and Cassandra know because he trusted them to have his back.

"I go see James. He helps me find Tim." Cassandra decided.

"Good. If anyone can find our missing bird it is you and James and if Tim has been taken then they deserve the full wrath of Black Bat and the Winter Soldier." Tam didn't have an ounce of pity for those who sought to harm Tim.


Few people could sneak up on the Winter Soldier and even fewer that Winter respected the woman standing before him was one of them and he wasn't at all surprised that she managed to get into the Avenger Tower unseen until she appeared in the living room where they were all hanging out.

"Holy hell! Where the hell did she come from?" Clint Barton demanded as he tossed his popcorn in the air.

"If she wanted you dead you would be." Bucky drawled out as he climbed to his feet, he knew it had to be important if she came here.

"That is not at all reassuring snowflake," Tony commented around Steve's bulk when his overprotective soulmate had moved to stand in front of him.

"It wasn't meant to be." Bucky adored Tony he was good for Steve. "What is up Cass?"

"Tim missing. Think kidnapped."

Ice gripped Bucky's heart at Cassandra's words, his soulmate was in danger. "Tell me everything you know."